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Thank you from sleepmakeswaves

Hey everyone.
So it’s November already! How the time goes.
We can’t begin to express how big a year this has been for us. Between our three Australian tours and the jags to the US for SXSW and Europe for dunk!festival and a club tour, we’ve never hit the road so hard or had so much fun. I know every band says this, but if you came to see us play this year, shared the stage with us or just enjoyed our music: THANK YOU.
We couldn’t have done anything we did this year without the support of all our fans and it’s been an incredible experience to meet some of you guys from all corners of the world. Let’s do it again sometime, yeah? Cool, 2013 sounds good to me.
Speaking of cool stuff in 2013, we’re absolutely stoked to announce that we’ll be supporting the mighty 65daysofstatic on their January 2013 Australian Tour. We saw these guys play at dunk!festival in Belgium in April this year and had our collective minds blown. It’s an absolute honour to be supporting one of the finest live bands in instrumental rock and here’s hoping we see plenty of you guys at the shows so that their first Down Under tour is one to remember. Here’s the Facebook event for the tour, and here are the dates:
Wed Jan 2nd @ The Hi Fi, Sydney NSW: Tix
Thurs Jan 3rd @ The Hi Fi, Brisbane QLD: Tix
Fri Jan 4th @ Corner Hotel, Melbourne VIC: Tix
Sat Jan 5th @ The Bakery, Perth WA: Tix
We’re also incredibly humbled and grateful for all the support we’ve been receiving from our old and new friends about our nomination for an ARIA award in the category of Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album. We’re probably even more shocked than you are that a very loud, very prog and very instumental band has been given a look-in but we’re very proud to be waving the flag for the underground Australian scene. Hopefully this is only the beginning of more great experimental and instrumental bands from Oz getting the recognition they deserve.
We’ll be laying low for the next couple of months before we hit the road with those 65dos cats. In the meantime we’re bunkering down to work on new material. You might have heard some of it on our last Aussie tour and we’re hoping to break in some more new songs for you when we’re next on stage. We’ve also been getting some fine peeps to remix some our material. We’re very keen to share the results of that with you soon.
And speaking of new stuff, we have some new shirt designs in the merch store if you’re keen to stock up on SMW swag.
Once again: much love and thank you for being awesome.
alexmakeswaves and smw

We are releasing a book!

We’ve just returned from the US and SXSW and wrapped up our Australian tour. Before we head to Europe next week, we thought we’d share with you all a taste of what’s coming up next for us - our first book!

Here’s the press release from our management:

Sydney instrumental quartet sleepmakeswaves have announced the publication of their first book, co-authored with manager and label director Mike Solo.

The book, a joint venture between bassist Alex Wilson and manager Solo, also feature vignettes and quotes from the other band members.

Tentatively titled “Being post: how to write love songs about delay pedals and influence people" the book is centred around the band’s fledgling experience touring Australia and internationally, as well as being a handy how-to (or how-not-to) guide for aspiring musicians in niche markets.

The band have released the chapter titles and summaries including quotes, as follows. No release date has yet been announced.

Foreword by Sarah Tout (RTR fm, Perth)

"Sleepmakeswaves…bring your ear plugs and your mouth guards".

Ch 1: This is why we rehearse

"Watching our first ever festival performance and hearing how many bum notes were made, it was embarassing. Comparing that to the footage from our first
Australian tour just 5 weeks later, after 10 jam sessions preparing for it, we were hitting the sweet spot every night. This is why we rehearse.” - Wilson

"Play more, better." - Solo

Ch 2: Real musicians work

"Imagine if you will, a world where each day, a different person writes an amazing song. A song so good that it goes viral and at least 10 million other people are willing to pay $1 for it.  Then it means that this person can quit their job and retire to a life of luxury, effectively removing them from productive society. This is the dream, right?  Wrong. If everyone did this, we’d eventually all be wealthy, with no one left to run the economy, build houses, serve food, or even grow food. We’d be screwed. Every musician, aspiring or wealthy, should maintain productive work, to keep our society afloat." - Solo

"Get a f**cking job you lazy ass." - Wilson

Ch 3: Just button up your shirt

"When you’re in a young touring band playing a niche style of music, you don’t have the money to afford accommodation. You need to stay at your friend’s places, sleep on the spare bed, or in our case, when in Canberra, sleep on the floor in the shed out the back. The shed window can’t be closed, so one night in winter, when it dropped below zero, I woke up from the cold. I just buttoned up my shirt and went back to sleep." - Solo

"Buy a sleeping bag you idiot." - Wilson

Ch 4: I have no time for people like that

"People who are intelligent, talented musicians, have great jobs they enjoy and are also good looking can f&*k off" - Wilson

"When you’re feeling stressed, do something different, like go for walk, or eat an orange." - Solo

Ch 5: The burdens up being true

"It’s a tough situation, when you’re almost always correct. People then seem to relish in purposefully proving you wrong, they become antagonistic. When in fact you’re only trying to help them be better.  The trick is to feign ignorance every once in a while, cut your own grass down to size." - Solo

"You’re right, Mike." - Wilson

Ch 6: Lollies are for people

"I have no idea what this means" - Solo

"…" - Wilson

Ch 7: When in Rome…

“…adopt their accent, apparently.” - Solo

“When I was in the US, I found it more empathetic to speak in the native tongue, so that I could better endear myself to the locals.” - Otto Wicks-green

“If he ever does that again, he will die.” - Tim Adderley

Ch 8: How to win favours and influence people

“When we were in Brisbane last year, we needed somewhere to store our equipment. The hotel attendant wasn’t letting us use the baggage store room for some odd reason. So Kid pretended to flirt with him until he let us put our gear in.” - Solo

“It’s all in the hands.” - Kid

Ch 9: Everything can be fixed with gaffer tape

“In the US we were faced with being destroyed by excess baggage charges, so we had to strap guitars and pedal boards together to reduce the number of checked bags. This meant using a lot of gaff tape. So much, that we ran out on the second day of the tour and had to buy more before flying out of Philadelphia. We got some, returned the hire car, got to the airport via shuttle…only to find we’d left the gaff tape in the hire car. So we had to use half a roll of sticky tape and chewing gum.” - Solo

“American gaff tape is not as strong as Australian gaff tape. Buy it at home.” - Adderley

Ch 10: Philadelphia freedom

“After our Philly show, we went back to Rosetta frontman Mike Armine’s place. By the time we unloaded the car, finished chatting with his neighbours and waited while he put away his dogs, we had 45 minutes before leaving for our flight. The choice was either sleep or stay awake. Or in Wilson’s case, to take a walk, against Armine’s advice.” - Solo

“When the singer in Rosetta, a local, who owns 4 killer dogs and is a total badass tells you not to go outside, you don’t go outside.” - Kid

“Ok, if you’re going to be so butt-hurt about it, I won’t go.” - Wilson

Ch 11: I am my only worthy competitor

“Everything about me is maximal.” - Wilson

The first reviews for the book have already come through from the band’s previous members Tom Binetter and Will Smith

“It’s true. Otto does engage in Irish-speak and American-speak. He’s quite good. Unfortunately I didn’t get to the rest of the book, I had other matters to attend to. Remember that gig with Signal Hill? And the Boris gig at the Metro? Hehehe.” - Tom Binetter

“The book reads like a series of in-jokes only translatable by the band themselves. It’s utter nonsense. All up: a great read.” - Will Smith

All media enquiries and publishing offers can be directed to Mike Solo or via the book’s website


New Drummer and Representation

Following the recent departure of our drummer and good buddy Will Smith and the extensive auditions that followed, sleepmakeswaves are very happy to officially introduce Tim Adderley as the new full-time drummer for the band.

Some of you may already know Tim through his amazing work in Sydney rock band Pirate, who he will also continue to play with. All of us in the band have no doubt that Tim, with his incredible bucket of chops and bottomless pocket fulla groove, will bring an exciting new energy to our sound. Welcome aboard!

Here is some footage we took of Tim at the audition (there’s also some sneaky new material in there as well!)

We would also like to mention that all of the applicants who contacted us about the vacancy were exceptional drummers, each bringing their own unique and compelling styles to our sound. This made the final decision extremely difficult. We had a truly great time jamming with you all so, once again, thank you for your time.

In other news we also welcome long-time friend and all-round stand-up dude Mike Solo on as our manager. Mike is known for his achievements with The Bird’s Robe Collective artist network, booking agency and label (not to mention his irresistible charm and good looks). He has a passion for helping underground Australian artists and has already done great things for us in sleepmakeswaves. Welcome Mike!

Finally, we have also recently teamed up with Daniel Sant from The Harbour Agency in Sydney.  Dan will be representing sleepmakeswaves for all Australian bookings and bringing his expertise and passion to our live performances. Welcome to the team, Dan!

Management: Mike Solo –

AUS Bookings: Dan Sant –

USA/EU/ASIA Bookings: Mike Solo -

AUS Label: Bird’s Robe Records –

So, you want to be the new sleepmakeswaves drummer?

If you haven’t already, go and listen to our latest stuff on We are based in Sydney, Australia. Our sound has been somewhat likened to bands like Mogwai, 65daysofstatic, Seekae, Mono, ISIS, Toe, This Will Destroy You, Russian Circles, Explosions in the Sky, Pelican - but what we do often goes beyond the post-rock sound.

We’re looking for someone with both power and subtlety. You should understand how to play really loud, how to play very quietly and how to find the dynamic spaces in between. You won’t be scared by odd time signatures, unconventional beats or detailed song structures. You play with finesse and groove - tight while not metronomic, although you will need to be comfortable playing to a metronome both in the studio and on stage. Your listening tastes are wide, covering multiple genres with an appreciation for the progressive and experimental.

We are open to submissions from anyone, anywhere - but note that we need you to base yourself in Sydney, Australia; to be able to rehearse regularly; and be willing to tour overseas for several weeks at a time - particularly between March and July 2012.

That looks like an intimidating list, but in return we can offer you a place in a hungry indie band with good prospects where your creativity will be valued. We have dedicated fans, a keen support network and prospects for cool stuff lined up like weeks away touring overseas. We need someone with the talent, time and determination to capitalise on all that. And while it seems like we take our band quite seriously (we do), at the end of the day we are just a bunch of chill muso geeks and we’re looking for a kindred spirit to bring the epic. Show us some love.
All applications to: or feel free to call Kid on 0419 163 907. Examples of previous work, videos of you playing or covers of one of our tunes are extremely welcome.

Will leaves sleepmakeswaves

Dear all,

We are sorry today to be the bearers of some very sad news. Will, the drummer for sleepmakeswaves, has decided to leave the group at the end of our current tour in order to pursue other priorities in his life. This has not been an easy decision for him, but rest assured that there is no bad blood between Will and those of us that remain in sleepmakeswaves. We are still mates and while we are gutted to be losing him, we know his decision has been made with the band’s future interests at heart. Here, in his own words, are his reasons:

To our fans,

I take this time to write to everyone to inform all of my planned departure from sleepmakeswaves.

Firstly I would like to start by saying my thanks. Over the past five or so years sleepmakeswaves has been like a family to me. Everyone, that’s Alex, Kid, Thomas and our newest talent Otto have been amazing musicians that have constantly pushed me to be the best that I can be. To have the opportunity to play with such amazing people has truly been an honour. To have the opportunity to share the experiences we have had with such great friends is an even greater privilege. Words cannot express how much this truly upsets me, however events have come to pass with my career that has made it almost impossible to get the time off to participate in the amazing opportunities that sleepmakeswaves have sitting on the horizon. I want to thank everyone for their continued support, to all of our fans and to Mike and Alex of Bird’s Robe Records.

On a personal note thank you Alex, Kid and Otto you have been amazing guys to work with and I wish you all the greatest of success in the future. I know you all have what it takes to make it big in the post rock scene, and I look forward to watching the future growth of my baby sleepmakeswaves. I’ll miss you all but this is not an ending, only a beginning to bigger and better things. On a side note to everyone. I will be playing all of the tour shows coming up. But these will be my last :(

  • THU 1 Sep - Brisbane
  • FRI 2 Sep - Sydney
  • SUN 11 Sep - Sydney
  • SAT 24 Sep - Wollongong
  • FRI 30 Sep - Canberra
  • SAT 1 Oct - Sydney


Will is and always will be a brother to us and while he is known to most of you as a distinctive, powerful and creative drummer, to us he is also a dear friend and a hilarious dude. Without him behind the kit our band would not be what it is today and we are incredibly grateful for all the fantastic times spent alongside him in the studio, the jam room, on the road and up on stage. We are also extremely glad that our latest record will stand as an excellent testament to his capacities as a drummer and musician.

Will in domination mode

As he said, Will is on his last tour with us this year and we wanted to let you all know ahead of time so you have an opportunity to come to these shows and show your support. If you have a moment, please take some time to thank Will over the interwebs or come to our remaining Australian dates for 2011, as this is your last chance to catch this lineup of the band.

As much as we are saddened by Will’s departure, sleepmakeswaves will continue. We are considering possibilities for filling some very big drummer shoes. Anyone who is interested in making a serious submission should read this and then contact us. Thanks again for your support, understanding and generosity,

- Kid, Otto and Alex.